A downloadable Taxidermy Demo for Windows


Taxidermy is a first person horror experience, in this game you are locked in a house of a mad taxidermist and surviving is up to you!


The full game is now released!!!

By the way In this demo you will play a whole new level that does not exist in the game. Play with the lights off and using headsets for a better experience!


I've been working in this game for 4~5 months now, and it's beeing 95% developed  by me alone. I'm from brazil and working with game dev. here is not a simple task, anyway thanks for taking a look at this page and hope you enjoy the Demo!


After Downloading just unzip the file, read the text files, then click the HORROR icon and enjoy!



Development log


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I decided to get the full version too. I dig it, man. It was a lot of fun and scared me a few times haha. Thanks!


Wooow, you played it all, great!!! 

Really happy to hear your feedback!


Just found this last night and decided to check it out. It's really short but kinda cool. I think I might pick up the full version soon. Thanks!


thanks a lot jason!!!


otimo trabalho estou baixando a demo .. valeu e sucesso


played the full game on steam, it was a riot

Hello! It's a question about the full steam version. Are you gonna update this game any further? I mean (SPOILER) the secret room with "First Nightmare" and a second locked door without any more keys imply that.

Hey there! Ohh, so you found it... well I can't say anything for now

can you post the sound track I really like the music 

Yay, here it is!!! Sorry i took to long, just posted today!

hey, i really love the music. can you please release the sound track? :>

me too I like it

Of course guys! Here it is!!


sorry i took to long to respond

Is it a full version now?

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Yes, it's avaliable on steam on this link: 


Cheerz aus Deutschland, tolles Spiel

Für den Fall, dass Sie nicht mehr weiterkommen möchten

Thanks for your comment! I want to go further with this game, im not posting here because my time is too short, but soon the full version will be released, my plan is to put it on steam as well

Sorry if I didn't answer correctaly, i translated your comment in google translator, so i don't know if it's acurate


Hey Fernando  , translator ( Google ) is o,k, ) I will buy + support your game ( when it`s on steam for sure ) When you need help ( translation in germany ...) Let me know . Have enough time ,for free ,no proplem . Wish you and your game all the best for the future . Regards and all the best Belle 

Hey Bullricher, thanx a lot for the support!!! 

Do you have a track list for the music in Taxidermy? IM DESPERATE 


Love these old style vhs horror games really creepy can't wait for the full release of this.

Hey there, I loved your video!!! It's really nice to get this kind of feedback, thanks a lot for playing!!! And don't worry the full game is comming soon!


SKIP TO 18:57!!!

Hey Man, Sick reactions hahaha, so nice to see reaction gameplays to the game i'm working, it makes me really happy and it's very important to listen the feedback! Thanks a lot for playing and just wait a lil bit for the full release!!!


Do you have a discord?

hey there! Sorry but I don't have it :c 

i'm really new in this area, so i haven't created it

Mind making one? :) 


This was really good! The movement is a bit wonky but aside from that this game is really well made! Great jump scare as well! Here's my playthrough:


Loved the design and overall unsettlingness of the house. So many unanswered questions that I cant wait to play the full game. Also that scare was perfectly timed.

Hey man thanks for your feedback and gameplay video!!! That was nice! Full version comming soon stay tuned!


I was interested in the demo and looking forward to future developments. 

Heyy nice video!!! Funny reactions btw haha, I enjoyed a lot watching it! Thanks so much for your video and also for your feedback, the game is comming soon!!!

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Hey man thanks for your feedback! Always nice to see a gameplay, thanks so much for playing and posting it, I enjoyed it a lot!!!


hi, big thx for the great scary demo. i love it. greetings from rosti

Thanks for your feedback Rosti!!! I just left a comment in your video ;) thanks also for playing


Super fun game and very scary!! It almost made me fall off my chair twice!! Great job on this game, can't wait to play more of it...

Oh thanks a lot for playing!!! Niceee reactions hahaha, Anyway I just left also a comment on your video, check it out!!!


Really great game. Got me a couple of times.

Thanks a lot for playing!I just commented on your ytb video check it out!

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Thx for playing!!! Nice Gameplay, too bad you did't reach the end :c

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Nice graphics, great horror game elements and that jumpscare, holy crap it scared the shit out of me overall it's a solid 8.5/10 also Late-Night Happy Halloween!

Woww thanks for the feedback I appreciate it! nice video by the way, i love to see the reaction through the mouse shake hahaha and Happy Halloween!!!


You're welcome and I hope you had a nice Halloween. By the way when are you planning to release the full game?


Oh yeah! well i'm planning to release it this year, the full game is almost complete but i realized that i didnt had any marketing! and i'm working on it now, I did some marketing of this game but only in my country (Brazil) and only 20 people are really interested haha, so i'm kinda new in itch.io and i'm loving it, i didn't expect to have anyone playing, i'm so greatfull for you all that are playing! I will release it soon, i just need to finish some ajusts and spread the game for more people! Your video surely helped me this way, thanks so much!Just wait a bit more

No problem, btw take your time on releasing the full game, don't rush it! Best of luck and have a good day!


check out my gameplay 

Wooowww nice gameplay man! Thanks a lot for playing I enjoyed your video so much!!! 

Link expired or something XD

Wow thanks for telling me, that wasn't expected, try now with this new link

The Download link dosent work. Please fix

Hey thanks a lot, I changed the link, try now

Why is the download link expired?

Fixed, try now! Thanks for telling 

No problem, Imma download it right when I get back home!


Full Gameplay: This game contains two major jumpscares, almost gave me a mini hurt attack..This game is insane Dev I really like the game can't wait for the full version :)) Rated 5/5

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Woww I wasn't waiting a so nice feedback, thank you so much!!! 
I also enjoyed the video, i could see your reaction through the mouse shake haha!!!


Yeah that really got me dev keep these types of games coming :)